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40 year professor of public speaking & interactive decision-making; Director of Intercollegiate Public Speaking and all forms of intercollegiate debate -- national success with two historically black universities & traditional colleges and universities. Personally, finished 2nd in the world email debate tournament sponsored by the International Public Debate Association, losing to a gentleman from India in the Final Round on a 4-3 decision from international judges. Contributing speech writer for a U.S. Presidential team. Popular professor for being a promoter of free-speech, open-mindedness and respect for others in the classroom while developing confidence and competence. Practitioner of Eastern meditation and promoter of my formula for substantive conflict resolution in business and interpersonal communications. My objective is to promote clear and effective thinking and speaking with detailed principles anchored in my educational background and experience in applying Aristotle, Quintilian, Socrates, Isocrates and oher ancients, along and Kenneth Burke's Rhetorical Theory concerning the persuasion of guilt.

Speech-Writer, Public Speaking Coach; Tudor for College Students

Two Century Professor of Public Speaking, Interactive Decision Making & Director of Intercollegiate Speech & Debate on National level.

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